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Adding Value For a Thriving Community

Vindulge is an award winning farm-based lifestyle brand focused on grilling recipes and wine pairings and great backyard cooking experiences. Based in The Pacific Northwesr, Vindulge was founded by Mary Cressler and Sean Martin. Founded in 2009 as a blog, Vindulge has grown to be a thriving online community with a very healthy social following: 107k likes on Facebook, 40k followers on Pinterest, 23k followers on Instagram, a catering company and a highly successful book “Fire + Wine”, now in its second edition.

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Fire + WIne

“[This] debut cookbook highlights earthy, elegant grilled and barbecued foods, and explores why wine belongs on the table with them. Where else are you going to get a straight answer on what kind of rosé to pair with skirt steak tacos?” —Wall Street Journal

Setting Up Shop for Unique, Small Batch Wines

Among Mary Cressler’s many talents is that of Sommelier and she and Sean wanted to make it easy for their community to find and buy the wine Mary recommended with each recipe. With little to no experience in E-Commerce, Vindulge set about looking for a partner to help them “set up shop”.

We knew wine e-commerce was fraught with legal ins and outs and wanted a partner who could manage the compliance and the fulfillment. To set up our own regulatory model for shipping to 40+ states was not realistic or scalable short term.

When we found SBG it was clear they had the footprint and resources to handle everything while we focused on the front end and sales.


Making It Easy for First Time Wine Sellers

SBG not only integrated with Vindulge’s Shopify store, but also set up all infrastructure -- compliance, fulfillment, shipping costs and shipping (with Wine Shipping). Additionally, SBG worked with VIndulge to acquire the wines they had identified, curate the pricing, and the inventory. It’s been a good experience in the onboarding and overall experience. The SBG team has been responsive and provide insights/options for us as we look to expand the store.

Delivering Upside in Unexpected Ways

Vindulge has not only seen sales for the nascent wine shop, but also increased interactions with their content. Paramount for a blog based business to continue to attract affiliate partners and advertising revenue.

SBG continues to partner with Vindulge, not only on infrastructure, but also by contributing ideas and ways Vindulge can better serve their community.

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Mary Cressler sums up the partnership thus far: “SBG has allowed us to showcase small producer wines, across the US, that would not otherwise have been available to our community. It’s provided us and our community a place to purchase unique wines that tell a story of a region and for us to create content to supplement that.”

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